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Dr. Mariam AL Awadhi is a psychiatrist with expertise in Women’s mental health She is an assistant professor of psychiatry at the Faculty of Medicine- Kuwait University. She is one of the very few female Kuwaiti consultants Psychiatrist and the only female Canadian trained Psychiatrist in Kuwait.

Dr.Mariam Alawadhi has completed her training in Psychiatry at the University of Ottawa, in Canada and she is a fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of Canada. She is the only psychiatrist with a rare specialty in women’s mental health and interest in issues related to mental distress in women across the life span.

She is trained to treat adults individually and in a group therapy format.

Dr.Alawadhi has founded the integration of Mental health into General hospitals in Kuwait and into the Primary Health centers in Kwait.She has been an active advocate to fight stigma against mental health and participated in several campaigns in Kuwait to educate and increase awareness towards what is mental illness and how to deal with it. She was the Head of Consultation liaison at the Kuwait Center for Mental Health - Kuwait's national mental health hospital and the medical lead for both the women’s mental health unit at the Maternity hospital in Kuwait and Psychosocial oncology unit at Kuwait Cancer control center.

She serves as an educator to both medical students and postgraduate residents in Psychiatry and an examiner in the board.at the Kuwait institute for Medical specialization.

Dr.Mariam Alawadhi has done multiple international and local talks on mental health conditions and is working on several research papers to study different mental health risks factors in the Kuwaiti culture.